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Bamboo fence rolls are great for creating privacy, delineating a special space, or adding a tropical touch to your backyard or patio area. Got an ugly chain-link fence or boring wall? Just cover it up with Bamboo! Create privacy on your balcony or terrace at home. What we are trying to say is, Bamboo is versatile in decorating any space, inside and outside of your home.

  • replace fences, decorate walls, regulate private or special areas, multi-purpose use

  • sustainable long term alternative to fencing

  • each bamboo pole is approximately 1″ in diameter

  • can be used indoors or outdoors

Sizes Available:

6' x 4' Yellow or Black Bamboo Fence Roll

6' x 6' Yellow or Black Bamboo Fence Roll

5' Yellow or Black Bamboo Pole

7' Yellow or Black Bamboo Pole

furn 1.jpg


Make the most of Hawaii’s natural beauty and add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor living area with one of our unique furniture pieces.  Enjoy lounging in your outdoor space on one of our comfortable and stylish day beds or recycled boat-wood benches.  Add some creative additional seating to your patio with our natural wood stools or pull a chair up to one of our elegant, hand-crafted tables. We might just have the perfect furniture pieces to complete your outdoor vision!



Adding a bench or two to your yard or lanai is a great way to relax and enjoy your hard work and home! We carry hand-crafted basalt benches made to last a lifetime as well as bamboo benches that are beautifully simple, flexible, and easy to transport. 

Please contact us for pricing, and guidance on your project.

Stone Buddhas


Stone buddhas have been a spiritual symbol throughout Asia for several millenia and have extended its reach throughout the globe. Our statues are hand crafted and selected to bring that reach into your yard, lanai or inside! These stone statues, big or small, are a great addition to your project and add some meaningful decoration to your home. 

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