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Geobunga Donates Water Lilies to Honolulu Zoo

HONOLULU – Geobunga, Hawaii’s best resource for homeowners, contractors, landscape designers and green thumbs of all ages looking to enhance their outdoor experience, recently donated five large pots, water lilies, pavers and design and installation valued at $3,600 to the Honolulu Zoo. Hawaii residents can capture this same magic purchasing a high-quality glazed ceramic lily bowl and water lily for less than a hundred dollars.

“When the Honolulu Zoo first approached us to for pavers, they were interested in creating a front entrance display with a donated tub. We decided to take it one step further, and donated the design and installation of four water lily pots and flowers for the entrance, as well as another lily pot and stone pavers to create a display with the tub outside the keiki zoo,” said Andrew Dedrick, Geobunga Executive Director. “We have always been huge supporters of the Honolulu Zoo and are very pleased to be able to give back to an organization that provides so much value for the people of Honolulu.”

Geobunga donated several pots filled with hybrid water lilies to welcome visitors at the main entry and the keiki zoo. Three of the pots are larger than most of the keiki visiting the zoo, measuring over four feet tall and four feet in diameter.

“There was an area near the llamas that housed the pumps for the water features and koi tanks. The area was partially concealed but needed a little bit of Geobunga magic to close it off,” said Dedrick. “We donated another large pot, 48-inches tall by 48-inches in diameter, with water lilies to add the final touch to this area.”

“As a non-profit organization, we rely on support and donations to continue our mission to inspire and provide meaningful experiences to our guests,” said Ted Otaguro, Executive Director of the Honolulu Zoo Society. “We are thankful to Layla and Andrew Dedrick for their continued support of the Honolulu Zoo. In 2009, Bella Pietra, Geobunga’s sister company, kindly donated a truck and electric vehicle, which has come in handy in our day-to-day uses. I have no doubt that the water lily displays will generate much talk amongst our guests both for their calming beauty and tranquil oasis.


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