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Gift Cards & Wagons Galore

You may have seen on our Instagram and Facebook page that we are having a gift card special through the month of December! If you buy a $50 gift card in the month of December, you will receive a FREE $10 gift card to use in 2021! This is a perfect gift for your garden savvy loved ones!

What better item to purchase with your new $10 gift card than our green wagons! These carts are great for moving supplies around the yard as you garden. They have large tires that work well on both gravel and dirt. The sides even fold down for versatility! There are endless uses for these awesome carts – gardening, pulling keiki and furry friends, moving your Geobunga pots around, helping Santa bring in the presents! The dimensions of the wagons are 4 feet long by 2 feet wide and they are 27” tall. These are available for purchase at either of our locations for $249! Come check them out!


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