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Here’s Why Lava is the Ultimate Outdoor Accent in Hawaii

When you think of rock in Hawaii, what’s the first thing that comes to mind — lava or cement?

Lava, of course! — which is why it makes perfect sense to use lava pavers (instead of cement) when accenting the walkways, driveways, lanais, showers and outdoor-gathering spaces around your home.

lava curbstone

Historic lava curbstone in Honolulu

In fact, if you visit any established city, you’ll notice that many of the historic buildings and roadway features are crafted from locally-sourced stone. A great example of this in Honolulu are the lava curbstones you might see in around older neighborhoods such as School Street and Mo’ili’ili.

Utilizing lava’s natural aesthetic for seamless blending into Hawaii’s volcanic landscape is just one the benefits over cement.

Here are five more perks of using lava you’ll be happy to know about:

Lava is better for the environment

the Aalborg Portland concrete plant in Denmark

Aalborg Portland concrete plant

900 kg of CO2 are emitted for every ton of cement that’s manufactured, and the concrete industry creates up to 5% of the world’s man-made carbon emissions.

Using lava pavers lowers your carbon footprint considerably.

Lava offers superior drainage

Lava is a naturally porous rock, which lends itself well to the wet conditions common throughout Hawaii.

For example, a nice lava paver walkway in your grass can prevent a messy and unpleasant walk through the mud after a storm.

Lava saves you money

Believe it or not, lava pavers are cheaper than cement, especially when you consider the extra cost of skilled labor required for larger cement driveway, walkway and patio projects.

Lava is easier to work with

Bush hammer brushed-finish Puka Lava Paver

Bush hammer brushed-finish Puka Lava Paver

No mixing, no pouring, no spreading, no molding, no drying.

All you do is arrange stone slabs on the ground, which can even be therapeutic.

Lava gets more beautiful with age

Unlike cement or even coral, which inevitably look “dirtier” over time, lava retains its bold dark color and can even develop a gorgeous patina finish. No chemical bleach or scrubbing needed!

Where to buy lava pavers?

At Geobunga, of course! We offer an immense range of puka lava pavers suitable for any outdoor project imaginable:

Bush hammer brushed-finish Puka Lava Paver

Brushed-finished Puka Lava Paver

Puka Lava Tiles

  1. square cut tiles

  2. 9 different sizes (6″x6″ up to 2’x2′)

  3. 2 finishes (sawn-cut, brushed)

  4. 5 thicknesses (1/2″ up to 2-1/4″)

Puka Lava Pavers

  1. random and irregular shapes

  2. 6 different sizes (4-8″ pieces up to 32″)

  3. 3 finishes (tumbled, brushed, bush hammer brushed)

  4. 4 different thicknesses (1.5″ up to 2.25″)

it’s curse-free, too: if you’re fearful of Madame Pele’s wrath when using our lava puka pavers on your property, don’t worry: we import all our lava products from South East Asia.


Photo credits: Geobunga, jakecaptive


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