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How to Celebrate a Plastic Free Hawaii with Geobunga

Does the idea of a plastic-free Hawaii excite you as much as it excites us?

Starting at the end of June / start of July, you will see our awesome beach and river pebbles packaged in reusable burlap bags:

Geobunga burlap pebble bags

We were going for old coffee bean bag look.

At Geobunga, we made the important decision to move away from plastic bags because it’s our kuleana — the right thing to do — for the environment.

The total cost of these bags to you, our customer, will be absolutely nothing.

Creating these bags has been fun but challenging. It took us days of research, design and development, plus a trip to a burlap factory in Asia to source and select the highest quality burlap.

The labels were designed to clearly indicate the contents of the bag. The barcode will be printed on cotton rather than plastic. We chose three primary colors to make it easier to identify the type of pebbles in the bag.

Burlap: Endless Uses

What makes these burlap bags even more amazing is what you can do with them once you’ve emptied out the pebbles.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can upcycle and repurpose burlap, including plant bags, clothes, aprons, wall hangings, wine totes and reusable grocery bags.

New plastic ban sets Hawaii in the right direction

On July 1, we here on Oahu will have something huge to celebrate — the new plastic bag ban. The important new ordinance will outlaw the use of plastic and non-recyclable paper bags at the point of sale in stores of all kinds across the islands.

A plastic bag in the ocean causing pollution

A plastic bag in the ocean = bad for everyone!

This means less plastic waste going into our streams, ocean and landfills — a huge step towards a more sustainable Hawaii (in fact, Hawaii is the first state to ban plastic bags in all counties!)

We encourage you to take the new plastic bag ban law one step further by obtaining your own reusable bags, which are available pretty much everywhere these days.

Reusable bags are more durable and beautiful than the 10¢ paper bags they’ll charge you in the store, and they produce zero waste. You can even upcycle our burlap into a fashionable grocery tote!

Stay tuned for more sustainable news and ideas from Geobunga.

Photo credits: Geobunga, Etsy, mysofan


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