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How to Create Good Energy In Your Home With Flowers


Whether it’s the end of a hallway, the top of the stairs, a bathroom counter or the entryway of your front door — those “dead spots” actually contain a great deal of potential to create good energy and well-being throughout your home…and your life.

All it takes are some flowers and a few minutes a week. But first, let’s get philosophical:

Why do we love flowers so much?

“Buddha is said to have given a ‘silent sermon’ once during which he held up a lotus flower and gazed at it. After a while, one of those present, a monk called Mahakasyapa, began to smile. He is said to have been the only one who had understood the sermon. According to legend, that smile (that is to say, realization) was handed down by twenty-eight successive masters and much later became the origin of Zen.”

Confused? Don’t worry.

Let’s just say that observing the beauty of flowers can awaken us to a beauty that is essential to our innermost being. This is why flowers are cherished and adored throughout every culture on Earth.

Bringing flowers into your home


Your entryway is the best place to start. According to Feng Shui, a clean and pleasing entryway translates into good energy flow throughout the interior of your home. It also sets the tone for the rest of the house and promotes positive flow throughout the other rooms.

With a simple flower arrangement, your entryway is instantly transformed from a boring “just passing through” spot to a space of peace and serenity. From the moment anyone walks in or out of the house, they can quickly pause and relax in the present moment, casting away any pilikia (that’s Hawaiian for stress and trouble) accumulated from their day.

Start simple, of course


That’s all it takes — just select a few flowers growing around you and you’re on your way higher well-being.

You can always get more advanced by way of inspiration. One idea is stroll through a few nice Waikiki hotels and check out the flower arrangements in the lobby (pick a hotel you really like).

Observe how much life and beauty the accenting flowers at the Halekulani offer:


Geobunga sells flowers

Stop by our Salt Lake showroom or Windward location and check out our selection of ginger (torch red, torch pink, orange beehive, white and yellow) and heliconia (lobster claw).

Photo credits; Houzz,, Halekulani

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