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Luxury Water features and fountains for your home, garden or business

When you think about water features or fountains, you likely think the peaceful, gentle trickling, relaxing ambience, and beautiful aesthetic. Flowing water can be relaxing and may just be the missing element to the office space tucked away in your home, or the meditation area on your lanai. Water features can complement and enhance a variety of décor and interior styling or pull together fresh landscaping.

We offer four water features and fountain styles: Ceramic, Stone, Ceramic Self-Contained, and Bali.

Ceramic Water Features: A collection of brightly colored features to pair with our Atlantic Water basins and pumps. This collection is great for a poolside accent, lanai companion, or landscaping staple.

Stone Water Features: A wide range of silhouettes to pair with Atlantic Water Garden basins, pumps, and plumbing kits. These features range from humble accents hugging the back porch to bold and proud statement pieces in the center of a courtyard.

Ceramic Self-Contained Fountains: A variety of styles with vibrant or subtle earth tones fitted with Atlantic Water Garden pumps. These fountains are a simple set-up for the entrance to your home or the lonely corner behind your desk where that fiddle leaf used to live.

Bali Fountains: A narrow selection of Indonesian Stone fountains with Atlantic Water Garden pumps. Bali stone fountains are a great statement piece for a foyer, driveway, or quiet space in your garden.

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