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What Curb Appeal Says About You

Are you into curb appeal? You know — that little touch of natural, classy accent you add to the front of your home.

If you are, then these little truths are for you:

You have good taste.


You possess a good sense of design and you’re not afraid to express it with a splash of color.

You make great first impressions.


People who pull up to your front door have no choice but to pause and admire the way you’ve chosen to greet them.

You take small but important moments for yourself.


In the fleeting gaps between the chaos of work and home life, you enjoy the tiny but sacred refuge that greets you each time you pass by.

You believe in raising the value of your home.


Curb appeal not only ups the value of your home, it makes your neighborhood a more desirable place to live.

You’re good with money.


You know that curb appeal isn’t just for mansions or hotels, it’s for anyone who can afford a few pots and plants — the same price of some Starbucks coffee drinks.

You don’t compromise beauty.


You’re not afraid to just give it a try!

Photo credits: Pinterest [1, 2, 3]; Unique by Design Landscaping, Freshome, Geobunga


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