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Geobunga's pottery is all handcrafted and responsibly sourced from various global regions to provide you with unique styles, colors, sizes and designs. Specializing in glazed, rustic, and terra-cotta styles, you can find these at either of our locations. For over a decade, Geobunga has been here to help you complete your projects! 

Please contact us for pricing and guidance on your custom needs.


Here at Geobunga, we believe that building relationships with our distributors and hand crafted potters is essential. We work closely with our vendors to bring in a rotation of unique and new inventory from places such as China and Vietnam. 

Our product selection is made of two primary collections: rustic and glazed pots. The rustic collection includes terracotta rims and matte glazes (as pictured below) that offer a more natural and unpolished look. Our glazed collection, on the other hand,  contains a wide variety of colors, shine and sizes to fit an assortment of diverse projects for homeowners and landscapers alike. Geobunga strives to always add to our collection. Stone pots and Terrazzo pots are also part of our special collection.

*Please note that not all pottery listed is always in stock, not all colors listed are always in stock, and there are styles and colors not listed here that we may have in addition to the ones listed here.*

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