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Our stone fountains allow you to enjoy some of the most serene aspects of nature right in your own private space. We have many styles to fit your needs, from a single basalt bowl to 6 foot tall, 3-piece  oversized. Come check out these natural beauties. 



Our ceramic fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We can easily help you match the theme of your current project with a ceramic fountain that will fit right in and add the perfect amount of calmness and serenity to your space.


While we carry a wide variety of stone and ceramic fountains in-house, as the sole distributor for Atlantic Water Gardens, we have access to all of their products as well. Please see their catalogue to see more of what they have to offer, and contact us for help with your project. 



Now you can easily add a stunning water feature to your garden or landscape, in any applicable medium of your desire. Our pumps deliver outstanding, consistent performance, with phenominal head heights and low wattages. It has never been easier to add a exciting and long-lasting water garden feature to your favorite area.

  • magnetic induction performance and replaceable components

  • pumps fit in the smallest spaces, adjustable water flow

  • easy maintenance, removable washable foam filter

  • standard size fittings facilitate connection to various sizes and types of tubing

  • energy efficient motors, reduces operating costs to a minimum


Our water fountain basins allow you to easily create a decorative water feature out of any reliable and applicable medium, to enhance your home and curb appeal. In order to start your very own do-it-yourself decorative water feature, it begins with the base (storage and channeling of the water). This base features deep plumbing channels, easy access pump chambers, and external flow adjustment for convenient installation and maintenance.

  • provide concealed water storage and support

  • recessed channels allow fast tubing installation without fear of kinking and crushing

  • topside flow adjustment and easy pump access make maintenance faster and more convenient

  • multiple internal supports handle greater loads with unrivaled stability

  • easily disguise the base with various decorative elements