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  • Landscape

  • Lawns

  • Traffic Medians

  • Pet Areas

  • Commercial/Residential

  • Light-Heavy Traffic

  • Multi-Use Activity Areas


Pile Height: 1-1/2”

Turf Gauge: 3/8"

Face Weight: 51 oz./yd2

Backing Weight: 23 oz./yd2

Total Weight: 74 oz./yd2

Stitch Rate: 15/10 cm

Stitches/m2: 15,750

Material/Dtex: PE 9000 & PP 4000

Color: Field Green & Olive Green with Brown and Green Thatching

Type Of Fiber: PE Monofilament and PP Curled AsThatch

Infill Amount: 1.0 lb./psf.

Primary Backing: Premium GST Backing

Tuft Bind: 14+ lbs/force (ASTM D1335)

Permeability: 84.6 inches/hr. (ASTM F1551)

Melting Point: 150°C (ASTM D2859)

Grab Tear MD: >200.0 lbs/force (ASTM D5034)

Grab Tear CMD: >170 lbs/force (ASTM D5034)

Roll Width: 15 ft.

Roll Length: 100 ft.

Sq. Ft. Per Roll: 1500

Total Roll Weight: 790 lbs

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