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Explore Geobunga Honolulu at Kakaako

Geobunga Honolulu at Kakaako The Urban Gardening Center is now officially OPEN

200 Keawe St. Honolulu, HI 96813 Next to Re-use Hawaii, entrance to the parking lot by John Burn’s Medical School MAP or 808-422-4567

Mon to Fri: 8am – 4pm Sat to Sun: 9am – 5pm

Explore the new store below, visit us in person. We look forward to assisting you with all of your gardening and landscaping projects.

Enjoy cordial and quick customer service at our self-constructed checkout point. Made from 100% recycled wood.

Easily match one of our palms with a pot of your choice.

Explore shelves of handmade pottery in various colors and sizes. Perfect for outdoor gardening or indoor living space decoration.

We offer a wide variety of handmade ceramic and rustic pottery for your gardening and landscaping needs. Explore in-between our shelves.

More pottery, as well as handcrafted ceramic glazed water fountains.

There are many choices of pottery available to accomodate your plants and gardening space.

More handmade ceramic pottery. Choices are important to the design of your ideal gardening space.

Explore our puka lava section, dedicated to showcasing the different finishes and unique individualism of each paver we carry.

Run your hands through a wide range of textures.

Our natural puka lava pavers offer a eco-friendly solution to making walkways, paths, driveways, outdoor showers, backyard areas, patio areas, etc.

Simple to install, designed for a wide-variety of DIY gardening and landscaping projects.

We also have a wide variety of water fountain features, customizable and easy installation.

Our paver stock is no joke. We got you covered, seriously.

Explore your rock and pebbles collection. Different sizes, colors, and textures to compliment your projects.

Rocks and pebbles are the ultimate accent. They easily fit into many different types of design.

We don’t mind if you take a few home to see how they work with your current setup. Just let us know so we can properly refill the bin.

Locally grown palms from our nursery in Waimanalo. Decorate exteriors and interiors or use them to seperate areas to create new spaces.

Evergreen fern for complimenting container gardens or lay them out in masses as luscious groundcover.

When you explore around, you’ll notice a lot of beautiful locally grown plants in a variety of handmade planters.

Local grown Areca palms in a red handmade glazed classic decor pot.

Our benches, plants, and wooden scaffolding setup allow for many photo opportunities.

Enjoy a sit on one of our many stone benches and admire the locally grown ficus in our limited poly eggpot.

Ficus and its iconic leaves is an easy-to-maintenance and stunning houseplant.

Have a sit at our relaxation area and enjoy the soothing sounds of water.

We have everything you need for a highly customizable, relaxing water fountain feature.

Palms make excellent background scenery.

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