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31 Visually-Inspiring Ways to Use Geobunga Products

Today post is all about inspiration and visual appeal — featuring 31 yard and garden landscape scenes that use one or more Geobunga products. Enjoy!

Garden Pottery

Garden pottery is all about harmonizing with the beauty of the outdoors.

It’s also about controlling your soil, weeds and pests by keeping your plants off the ground.

Pottery lets you express yourself with a splash of color, too!

Lava Pavers and Stone Accents

Stone is beautiful, durable and all natural, and a perfect fit for Hawaii’s lavascapes.

Puka lava pavers make superb walkways and driveways.

Combine pavers with pebbles for a natural yet tidy look.

And let’s not forget stone benches.

Beach and River Pebbles

Beach and river pebbles are all about balancing organic plant life with the smooth and clean aesthetic of stone.

Pebbles combine seamlessly with the elements.

And make for incredibly beautiful ground cover.

Use pebbles to frame plants while minimizing dirt, dust and mud.

Water Features

The sight and sound of nearby flowing water equals excellent ambience.

Not to mention elegance and charm.

Look how well these plants frame this water bowl. Or is it the other way around?

Solar-powered water pumps eliminate the need for electrical outlets, which means you can place your water features anywhere you want.


Bamboo fencing comes in rolls, and is extremely easy to install pretty much anywhere.

Look at this simple backdrop for an urban landscape.

Or a bonsai garden.

Bamboo complements garden pottery

and Asian-inspired gardens, of course

Here’s bamboo combined with beach pebbles.

Bamboo makes for gorgeous fencing when combined with the right wood.

Or even better: wood and lava rock.


Buddha statues offer ambience to places set aside for calmness, reflection and meditation.

Even a small statue in the right place makes a difference.

Stone statues blend well with potted plants.

They also make powerful focal points.

Bamboo and Stone

All images courtesy of Houzz.


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