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Here’s the Best Place for Water Lilies and Gardening Accents on Windward Oahu

Geobunga Waimanalo

It’s called Geobunga, and it’s in beautiful Waimanalo. This means if you live in Kailua, Kaneohe, ‘Nalo — and yes, even Hawaii Kai — you have quick and easy access to a treasure trove of extraordinary plants and landscape accents for your home.

Water lily and lotus heaven


Geobunga Waimanalo isn’t quite what you’d expect as far as retail gardening stores go. Once you enter this hidden oasis, you’re greeted by something you won’t see anywhere else in Hawaii: thousands of beautiful lotus and water lilies bursting out of pots that are raised above the ground, all framed by the breathtaking peaks of the Ko’olau range.

Each row of these water-filled pots are temporary home to dozens of varieties of water lilies (Tina, Ruby, Royal Purple, Thai Blue Sky and Queen of Siam to name a few) and several pink and white varieties of lotus plants, all for your choosing.

Bogs, marginals, palms and much more

Under the shade canopy you’ll also find bog and marginal plants (such as horsetail and native Hawaiian aiai) and an established selection of Rhapis, Areca and Manila palms. Up and coming palms include foxtail and fishtail.

Then there’s all the other charming outdoor accents that Geobunga offers at their other two locations: colorful outdoor pottery, decorative pebbles, water features, stone benches, Buddha statues, puka lava pavers and more.

Gardening experts who love to help

At Geobunga Waimanalo, you’ll have the chance to talk story with Lynn or Carol, or both if you’re lucky.

Lynn and Carol are resident plant experts who show up seven days a week full of passion, experience and aloha. They’ll help you with plant selection and care, soil, fertilizer — whatever you need to know (just ask!).

…and it’s just getting started

Over the next month, Geobunga Waimanalo will transform from plant nursery to one-of-a-kind Hawaiian garden experience.

Replacing the tall savannah grass covering the stream will be footbridge leading to a peaceful Zen garden, some calming water features and a few alluring displays of garden pottery. And that’s just the beginning!

Next time you get the gardening itch, spare yourself the humbug drive to town and stop by Geobunga in Waimanalo. It’s the most peaceful, greenest place to keep your feet in the country!

*** Geobunga Waimanalo Open 9am – 4pm, Monday through Sunday

41-732 Kakaina St. Waimanalo, HI 96795 Phone: (808) 783-2571


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